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Screw Vacuum Pump

Types Of Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

Dry screw vacuum pumps are essential tools in various industrial applications due to their efficiency and reliability. There are several types of dry screw vacuum pumps available, each designed to meet specific needs:

  • Standard Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps: These pumps are ideal for general industrial applications requiring reliable and contaminant-free extraction of gases and vapors.

  • High-Performance Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps: Designed for demanding processes such as the production of photovoltaic cells, flat panel displays, semiconductors, and numerous industrial coating applications.

  • Compact Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps: Suitable for smaller-scale operations or where space is limited but high performance is still required.

Application And Market Uses

Dry screw vacuum pumps are versatile and can be used across multiple industries due to their oil-free operation and high efficiency. Here are some common applications:

  • Extracting Fluids: Used in processes that require the removal of fluids, waste, air, and other materials.

  • Degassing: Essential for removing gases, air, moisture, and vapor from processed materials like plastics and ceramics.

  • Evacuation: Widely used in food processing, packaging, thermoforming, and manufacturing to remove air or gas from a given space.

  • Pneumatic Conveying: Ideal for transferring powders, granules, flakes, and other small dry products.

  • Vacuum Fixing: Used to hold goods and components in place during production processes.

Dry Screw Vacuum Pump Technologies

The technology behind dry screw vacuum pumps is sophisticated yet straightforward. These pumps operate without water or oil for sealing or lubrication in the vacuum stages. Key technological features include:

  • Variable Pitch Screws: Provide additional compression before the pump exhausts by changing the pitch along the length of the rotors.

  • Oil-Free Operation: Ensures no process contamination or pollution caused by pump operation.

  • Thermal Management Systems: Maintain optimal temperatures to prevent condensation or unwanted reactions within the pump.

Benefits Of Dry Screw Vacuum

Dry screw vacuum pumps offer numerous benefits that make them an excellent choice for various industrial applications:

  • Easy Maintenance & Quiet Operation: Require no water or oil for sealing or lubrication, eliminating effluent generation and reducing maintenance costs.

  • Wide Operating Range: Can operate at any pressure between blank-off and atmospheric pressure with virtually limitless pumping capacities when paired with high-vacuum booster pumps.

  • Reliable Performance: Designed to handle higher discharge pressures with smooth operation ensuring long service life.

Technical parameter

(Air cooled series)
Basic parameters
Pumping speed
Presure limit(Pa)Power (kW)revolution (rpm)Inlet caliber
outlet caliber (mm)Pump head weight
noise dB(A)Overall dimension
LG-1010≤50.752730KF16KF1630≤ 72655x260x285

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What makes dry screw vacuum pumps different from other types?

Dry screw vacuum pumps operate without water or oil for sealing or lubrication in the vacuum stages. This results in no effluent generation or pollution.

How do variable pitch screws benefit dry screw vacuum pumps?

Variable pitch screws provide additional compression before exhaust by changing pitch along rotor length which spreads heat load more evenly preventing condensation.

What industries commonly use dry screw vacuum pumps?

Industries such as electronics manufacturing, medical devices production, plastics industry processing as well as food packaging widely use these efficient systems.

Are there any specific maintenance requirements?

Due to their oil-free design these systems require minimal maintenance making them cost-effective over time compared traditional lubricated systems.

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