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Water Cooled Screw Vacuum Pump for Food Industry


Product features
Dry screw vacuum pump is a kind of suction and exhaust equipment which uses a pair of screw to make synchronous high speed reverse rotation in the pump shell. The two screw rods are corrected by fine dynamic balance and supported by bearings. There is a certain gap between the screw and the screw. Therefore, when the pump works, there is no friction, stable operation, low noise and no lubricating oil in the working cavity. The dry screw pump can remove the gas containing a large amount of steam and a small amount of dust, the limit vacuum is higher, the power consumption is lower, and it has the advantages of energy saving, no maintenance and so on.


Main advantages
There is no medium in the working cavity, so a clean vacuum can be obtained.

There is no gap between the rotating parts, can run at high speed, the overall volume is small.

The gas is not compressed in the pump, so it is suitable to extract the condensable gas.

Can remove a large amount of steam and a small amount of dust gas occasions.

The vacuum degree is high, and the maximum limit vacuum degree can reach less than 1Pa.

Screw material is a high strength special material, the material is dense, wear resistance, stable performance.

Rotating parts have no friction and low noise.

The structure is simple and the maintenance is convenient.

Wider range of use: corrosive environments can be used.

There is no fuel consumption and no drops of water in the working process.

The pumping gas is discharged directly from the pump body, does not pollute the water, has no environmental protection pressure, and the gas recovery is more convenient. It can be composed of oil-free unit with Roots pump and molecular pump.

Application area

Can extract condensable gases containing a large amount of water vapor and a small amount of dust, and can also be used to extract corrosive gases, oil and gas, solvents, and other media for recovery.


Factory shooting

Workshop shooting, complete equipment, and rich production experience





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