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ZJ Series Roots Pump-2 Roots vacuum unit


ZJ series Roots pump is a positive displacement vacuum pump. Its main advantage is that it has a high pumping rate at a low inlet pressure. It is one of the main pumping equipment to obtain medium

and high vacuum at present. Its disadvantage is that it is not allowed to work with high differential

pressure, otherwise it will be damaged due to overload. Therefore, when using it, it must select a

reasonable pre-stage vacuum pump to cooperate, one is to protect, the other is to improve the pumping

efficiency and obtain higher vacuum. ZJP series Roots pump has a good protection effect on the pump

due to its internal overflow valve.

Roots vacuum pump is characterized by fast startup, low power consumption, low operation and

maintenance costs, large pumping speed, high efficiency, insensitivity to a small amount of water vaporand dust contained in the gas to be pumped, large pumping rate within the pressure range of 100~1 Pa,and rapid removal of sudden gas. This pressure range is just between the oil-sealed mechanical vacuum

pump and the diffusion pump. Therefore, it is often connected in series between the diffusion pump

and the oil-sealed mechanical vacuum pump to increase the air pumping capacity in the middle pressure

range. At this time, it is also called mechanical booster pump.

Roots vacuum pump is widely used in smelting, degassing and rolling in vacuum metallurgy, as well

as vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration and vacuum drying in chemical, food and pharmaceutical

industries. In view of the process of extracting a large amount of water vapor and solvent in chemical,

pharmaceutical and other industries, our company has improved the sealing structure of the pump cavity

and bearing cavity of the ZJ series Roots vacuum pump, greatly reducing the emulsification of oil in

the bearing cavity and gear cavity, It makes ZJ series Roots vacuum pump more suitable to cooperate

with water ring vacuum pump to extract a large amount of water vapor and solvent.

Main features

◆In a wide pressure range (1-1 × 105Pa) has a large pumping speed.

◆There is no oil in the pump chamber, which prevents oil vapor from polluting the vacuum system.

◆Low vibration, low noise.

◆The mechanical friction loss is small, so the drive power is small.

◆Easy to maintain and repair, low cost and long service life.

◆The condensable gas can be removed.

◆It cannot be used alone, and the front pump must be equipped. It is not allowed to start under

atmospheric pressure. It can only be started when the inlet pressure of the Roots pump is pumped to

the allowable inlet pressure by the previous stage pump. The front stage pump generally adopts liquid

ring pump or oil seal mechanical pump.

◆In view of the characteristics of extracting water vapor and organic solvent, improvements have

been made to solve the problem of emulsification of bearing cavity oil.

Conclusion: The ZJ Series Roots Pump-2 is a high-performance vacuum pump that excels in various applications. With its advanced features, exceptional performance, and reliable operation, it is the perfect choice for industries requiring efficient and precise vacuum pumping. Choose the ZJ Series Roots Pump-2 and experience the difference it can make in your operations.

Contact us now to learn more about the ZJ Series Roots Pump-2 and how it can meet your specific requirements.

Shandong Kaien Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

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