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Water Ring Vacuum Pump


The 2BE series water (liquid) ring vacuum pump is a single stage, single acting vacuum pump, which is a type of water (liquid) ring vacuum pump series with large suction capacity and higher efficiency. It can be made into a vacuum pump or compressor according to needs. As the exhaust system of the vacuum pump, it adopts a unique PTFE valve plate structure (the original water ring pump is a ball valve structure). The valve plate covers the exhaust hole on the outer side of the flat disc and is positioned by a stainless steel baffle on the other side. This valve plate

changes its bending degree with the change of inlet pressure, so that the pumped medium can be discharged from the pump when it reaches the population pressure. This structure avoids overcompression in the vacuum system and can automatically adjust the exhaust area to reduce energy consumption, thereby achieving optimal operating efficiency. In addition, the distribution plate and impeller adopt optimized design, which has no friction surface, no oil lubrication, tight structure, reliable operation, convenient use and maintenance, wide selection range, simple

structure and convenient maintenance. Important and vulnerable parts bearings are all imported, ensuring long-term and continuous operation of the product.

The 2BE series water (liquid) ring vacuum pump is mainly used for axial suction of gas without particles. The working medium is clean water at room temperature, and other media such as acid and alkali can also be used as the working fluid for special requirements. Its gas volume range is 4.8-4503/mim, the ultimate vacuum degree is 33hpa or 160hpa, and the efficiency is 40-65%. It is widely used in industries such as electricity, chemical engineering, coal mining, papermaking, plastic machinery, environmental protection, medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, food, mineral processing, petrochemical, light industry, packaging, metallurgy, building materials, stone tools, fertilizers, etc.

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