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Reliable Single Stage Priming Water Ring Vacuum Pump


Main features:

1、Compared with SK series single-stage water ring vacuum pump, it has the characteristics of high vacuum degree and high pumping speed in high vacuum area.

2、At the same pumping rate, the shaft power is higher than 2BV and 2BE1 series.

3、As the structure is of double impeller structure, the manufacturing and maintenance are relatively complicated, and there are many vulnerable parts.


2SK series two-stage water ring vacuum pump is equivalent to two SK series water ring vacuum pumps used in series.

Since SK series water ring vacuum pump can only reach the limit vacuum degree of - 700mmHg, in order to reach a higher vacuum and have a larger pumping rate under high vacuum, 2SK series vacuum pump was developed in China in the 1980s.

With the emergence of a new generation of energy-saving products of 2BV and 2BE1 series, 2SK series will be gradually replaced in many occasions.

Although the 2SK-P1 series two-stage water ring vacuum pump atmospheric jet pump unit mainly works under the absolute pressure of 10-50mmHg, its efficiency in the high vacuum area is low. If long-term operation is required, Roots+water ring vacuum unit can be selected, so as to obtain the best efficiency of air extraction in the high vacuum area.

application area:

  • Chemical Industry: This pump is ideal for handling corrosive gases and vapors, making it suitable for chemical processing applications such as distillation, drying, and solvent recovery.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: With its hygienic design and efficient operation, this pump is perfect for pharmaceutical processes like filtration, drying, and degassing.

  • Food Processing Industry: The pump's reliable performance and ability to handle moisture make it an excellent choice for food processing applications such as vacuum packaging, freeze-drying, and deaeration.

Quality and Reliability: At Reliable, we prioritize quality and reliability. The Reliable Single Stage Priming Water Ring Vacuum Pump undergoes rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you receive a high-quality product that meets your expectations.

After-Sales Service: We value our customers and provide excellent after-sales support. The Reliable Single Stage Priming Water Ring Vacuum Pump comes with a [insert warranty period] warranty, ensuring peace of mind. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you with any queries or technical assistance you may require.

Shandong Kaien Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

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