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2BV Series Water Ring Vacuum Pump


Product Introduction

2BV series water ring vacuum pump is suitable for pumping out gas and water vapor. The suction pressure can reach 33mbar absolute pressure (97% vacuum degree). When the water ring vacuum pump works for a long time when the suction pressure is close to the limit vacuum (saturated vapor pressure of working fluid), its protection pipe shall be connected to protect the pump. O2bv series water ring vacuum pump is the latest generation of energy-saving products. With its excellent performance and many advantages, it will comprehensively replace SK and 2SK series water ring vacuum pumps and W, WY and WL reciprocating vacuum pumps with the same energy.

Product Advantage

The direct connection design of motor saves space, is easy to install and maintain.

all mechanical seals are used as sulfur configuration.

there is a cavitation protection pipe interface. If it works under the limit pressure, open the cavitation acid pipe interface to eliminate the cavitation sound and protect the pump under the condition of ensuring the maximum suction furnace.

the whole series is equipped with Bu Yu impeller, which improves the corrosion resistance of the pump.

the unique flexible exhaust port design will not shrink, ensuring the best efficiency of the pump within its performance range.

Technical Parameters

Product Uses

Oil and gas recovery.    ------Biological medicine ------Food Processing ------ Single crystal furnace

------Vacuum forming ------Vacuum flame refining ------Electronic photovoltaic. ------Semiconductor synthesis

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