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Vacuum Liquid Ring Packaging Water Ring Vacuum Pump


with the following benefits:

①Straightforward setup, no need for a vacuum tank, which saves significant space on the ship;

②No formation of foam;

③Efficient vacuum pumping and minimal energy usage;

④Waste can be directly released into any type of sewage processor or collection tank;

⑤Adaptable pipeline installation;

⑥The system is highly dependable. 

Vacuum agitation sewage pump is mainly used for all kinds of sewage that need to be transported in a closed manner Vacuum toilet. It can also be used to transport general chemical sewage, sludge and other wastes Close.

Operating Environment and Working Conditions

The KYJSB-120 pump is the most commonly used vacuum pump in the KYJSB series of sewage pumps. It is specifically designed for toilets to pump and press waste, including feces, urine, and sewage. This pump is a three-phase flow vacuum churning sewage pump that combines vacuum, churning, and pressure delivery. It is primarily used for transporting various types of sewage in a closed manner, such as in vacuum toilets. It can also be used for transporting general chemical sewage, sludge, and other types of waste.

① The KYJSB vacuum churning sewage pump should be installed in an environment with a temperature range of 0-50°C. If the temperature falls below 0°C, measures should be taken to prevent freezing of the pump.

② Ample space should be provided around the KYJSB vacuum stirring sewage pump to allow for easy daily operation, regular inspection, maintenance, disassembly, and assembly.

③ The KYJSB vacuum agitator blowdown pump should not be left idle. It must have a sufficient liquid level to operate.

④ Whenever possible, neutral water should be used for the vacuum water in the KYJSB vacuum stirring sewage pump. Liquids containing corrosive cleaners or bleach should be minimized.

⑤ The KYJSB vacuum agitation blowdown pump should be regularly inspected and maintained to ensure its proper functioning and longevity.


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