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Reliable Belt Driven Packaging Water Ring Vacuum Pump


The water (liquid) ring vacuum pump is mainly used for axial suction of gas without particles. The working medium is clean water at room temperature, and other media such as acid and alkali can also be used as the working fluid for special requirements. Its gas volume range is 4.8-4503/mim, the ultimate vacuum degree is 33hpa or 160hpa, and the efficiency is 40-65%. It is widely used in industries such as electricity, chemical engineering, coal mining, papermaking, plastic machinery, environmental protection, medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, food, mineral processing, petrochemical, light industry, packaging, metallurgy, building materials, stone tools, fertilizers, etc.


In general, the working fluid of water ring vacuum pump is mostly discharged directly, as shown in Figure 1 below:

Fig. 1 Schematic Diagram of Working Fluid Supply and Discharge of General Water Ring Vacuum Pump

1.The water discharged by the water ring vacuum pump enters the large circulating water tank or is directly discharged. This water supply and drainage method is convenient to connect and simple to use,

and is widely used in practical applications.

However, if the extracted medium contains organic solvents and toxic substances, the use method shown in Figure 1 has the following disadvantages:

1、When the water ring pump is pumping out gas, the pumped gas is mixed with the working fluid, and the water discharged from the outlet contains some organic solvents and toxic substances. Due to the large discharge of water, the discharge of water will cause great pollution to the environment.

2、Water containing organic solvents and toxic substances will release harmful gases, which will aggravate the environmental pollution.

3、The extracted organic solvent is not easy to recover and is wasted.

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