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Stirring and discharging water ring vacuum pump

  • KNCSB-120

  • KN

一、Overview of KNCSB series vacuum mixing sewage pump

    KNCSB series vacuum churning sewage pump is a kind of pump equipment applied to non-gravity sewage discharge of ships. It integrates the functions of vacuum pumping, transportation and churning sewage. It has the characteristics of simple system, low flushing water volume, small sewage collection volume, small pipeline diameter, no inclination requirement, no blockage, flexible installation and layout, strong vertical lifting capacity, low investment and operating costs, and is applicable to modern ships, ships, trains, camping equipment,Pollution discharge from modern buildings, environmentally friendly kitchens, etc.


▲small size, light weight, quick and flexible installation.

▲pipeline installation, direct discharge to sewer, sewage treatment plant or collection tank.

▲multiphase design, the pump can pump and discharge gaseous, liquid and solid combined phases.

▲low energy consumption.

▲stainless steel and bronze anti-corrosion materials are used for long service life.

二、Performance characteristics of KNCSB series vacuum mixing sewage pump

    KNCSB vacuum churning sewage pump is a new concept of vacuum sewage system put forward by the sewage industry. The water-ring vacuum pump equipped with a churning cutter is used as a device for generating vacuum and sewage. The churning cutter on the pump can churn the waste before it is discharged. Compared with the traditional vacuum sewage system, the sewage pump, sewage tank and other auxiliary facilities are saved, and the waste can be discharged to the sewage processor or overboard through the vacuum sewage mixing pump.

with the following advantages:

①Linear installation, no vacuum tank required, saving a lot of space in the ship;

②No foam;

③High vacuum pumping efficiency and low energy consumption;

④The waste can be directly discharged to any specification of sewage processor and sewage collection tank;

⑤Flexible pipeline installation;

⑥The system has high reliability.

Operating environment and working conditions

     KNCSB-120 is the most widely used vacuum pump in KNCSB series vacuum mixing sewage pump. It is a kind of pump specially designed for toilet to pump and press feces, urine and sewage. It is a three-phase flow vacuum churning sewage pump that combines vacuum, churning and pressure delivery.KNCSB vacuum agitation sewage pump is mainly used for all kinds of sewage that need to be transported in a closed manner Vacuum toilet. It can also be used to transport general chemical sewage, sludge and other wastes Close.

①The installation ambient temperature of KNCSB vacuum agitation sewage pump is 0-50︒C. if it is lower than 0︒C,anti freezing measures shall be taken for this pump.

②Sufficient space shall be reserved around the KNCSB vacuum stirring sewage pump to facilitate daily operation Regular inspection, maintenance, disassembly and assembly.

③KNCSB vacuum agitator blowdown pump cannot be idled. It must have sufficient liquid level It can run.

④Neutral water shall be used as much as possible for the vacuum water of KNCSB vacuum stirring sewage pump Reduce liquids containing corrosive cleaners or bleach.

⑤KNCSB vacuum agitation blowdown pump can minimize chlorine or corrosive cleaning Suction of detergent.

⑥KNCSB vacuum churning sewage pump shall not suck strongly corrosive gas, liquid or solid The solid with high hardness and large particles cannot be sucked.

三、Working principle of KNCSB series vacuum mixing sewage pump

     A certain amount of working liquid is installed in the vacuum sewage mixing pump, and the rotor is eccentric in the pump cavity. The rotor throws the liquid to the outer ring through high-speed rotation, forming a water ring near the shell wall. The water ring acts as a water seal in the pump, forcing the gas to move forward along the shaft in the pump. Because there is more liquid under the pump, the gas is compressed every revolution in the pump, and because the inner diameter of the rotor impeller gradually increases with the flow direction of the fluid, the flow space of the gas in the pump is gradually reduced, and the gas is continuously compressed with the rotation of the rotor, resulting in vacuum. When the sewage collection terminal starts to wash the sewage,the sewage pipeline will suck the sewage into the pipeline by the pressure difference.

    The use of vacuum sewage churning pump makes the whole sewage system discharge linearly, without the need for additional auxiliary equipment such as vacuum starting device, flow pipeline and vacuum sealing box, which greatly simplifies the whole system structure, making the whole vacuum sewage system more compact, easy to install, flexible, safe and reliable. What is more important is that the vacuum sewage mixing pump solves the problem of seal leakage.

四、Performance parameters of KNCSB-120 vacuum mixing sewage pump



频率frequency                                     Hz




Maximum pumping speed                            (m3/h)



抽吸频率Suction frequency

120 times / hour

120 times / hour


Pumping speed at 500mbar (A) absolute pressure   (m3/h)




Ultimate vacuum                                 mbar(A)




Maximum back pressure                           mbar(A)



入口通径Inlet diameter                           mm



排口通径Outlet diameter                          mm



电机型号Motor model



Applicable voltage/power frequency               V/Hz



电机功率                                          kW

Motor power



转速speed                                        rpm



绝缘等级Insulation class



防护等级Protection grade



电压适用范围Voltage application range             v



适用环境温度Applicable ambient temperature        ℃



适用湿度Applicable humidity

Class f/95%

Class f/95%

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