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Robust Vertical Crystallization Water Ring Vacuum Pump


The KYJSB series vacuum sewage pump is a type of pump used for removing sewage on ships without relying on gravity. It combines the functions of vacuum pumping, transportation, and churning of sewage. This pump has a simple system, requires low amounts of flushing water, collects small volumes of sewage, has small pipeline diameters, does not require inclinations, and is not prone to blockages. It can be easily installed and positioned, has a strong ability to lift vertically, and has low investment and operational costs. It is suitable for use on modern ships, trains, camping equipment, modern buildings with pollution discharge, and environmentally friendly kitchens.

It has a compact size, is lightweight, and can be quickly and easily installed.

The pump can be installed in pipelines and directly discharge sewage into sewers, sewage treatment plants, or collection tanks.

The pump is designed to handle gaseous, liquid, and solid phases, making it versatile.

It consumes low amounts of energy.

To ensure a long service life, the pump is made using anti-corrosion materials such as stainless steel and bronze.

The KYJSB series vacuum mixing sewage pump is a cutting-edge solution in the field of sewage management. It introduces a novel approach to the vacuum sewage system, utilizing a water-ring vacuum pump with a cutting mechanism. This cutting mechanism effectively churns the waste before it is released. This innovative design eliminates the need for traditional sewage pumps, sewage tanks, and other supporting equipment. Instead, the waste can be easily directed to a sewage processor or discharged overboard using the vacuum mixing sewage pump.

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