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Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps Are Divided into Single-stage (XD Series) And Double-stage (FX Series)


Overview of rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump (referred to as rotary vane pump) is an oil sealed mechanical vacuum pump.Its working pressure range is 101325~1.33×10 -2 (Pa) belongs to low vacuum pump.It can be used alone or as the front pump of other high vacuum pumps or ultra-high vacuum pumps.It has been widely used in the production and scientific research departments of metallurgy, machinery, military, electronics, chemical industry,light industry, petroleum and medicine.


Application area

The working pressure range of the rotary vane vacuum pump is 101325~1.33 × 10 ² (Pa), which belongs to low vacuum pumps,Widely used in industries such as metallurgy, machinery, military, electronics, chemical, light industry, petroleum, and medicine Production and research departments.


Product Display

High vacuum degree, fast pumping rate, supports customization




Product parameters

Source factory, complete with various models, supporting customization


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